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Do you want to start your project with Em Paralelo ?

Do you want to build, expand or rehabilitate?

Do you know if an architectural project is designed only and exclusively by architects?

For ​Em Paralelo​, each project has its own identity according to the needs of each client and that it may appropriately suit its purpose, regardless of the customer’s finality.
However, the process between client and architect obeys rules that only proceed with the proper endorsement of the client.

Em Paralelo​ aims to create a proximity with their customers in order to make them comfortable in every step and make these stages possible for their dream to come true.
In a second phase, and after a preliminary conversation between both parties, the client defines a program. In this program, when regarding a housing project, the client explains their aesthetic intent, their needs, such as the number of rooms and other spaces they intended, as well as

their budgetary constraints. Given this approach, ​Em Paralelo​ creates the project’s fee / budget proposal that, after being approved, is divided into the following stages.

More information here:

Stage 1
Stage 1

Preliminary study

This is the development stage of the preliminary concept, where the client’s ideas and wishes are passed on to “formalize the architectural design”.

The next step is the presentation of drawings and/or images and/or models where the client can better understand the project. This is also when the specialized projects start with the direct coordination of the architects team.

Stage 2
Stage 2

Project licensing

Depending on the project, this will require licensing from the competent authorities.

The project is formalized in agreement with the City Council where it will be delivered, and where it can be accepted by the same entity.

At this stage the architects prepare the entire process, which includes the sketches and the written pieces so that they are organized according to the aforementioned entity.

Stage 3
Stage 3

Execution project

The execution project is one of the most important stages of any project.

The whole architectural project culminates in a stage where the project is perceived as a whole: material details, construction details. At this stage, and in parallel, measurements and budgets are made, along with the technical and general conditions specific to the construction itself. In due course, this task will be accomplished on site by a duly qualified contractor that will supervise the execution and fulfillment of the project.

Stage 4
Stage 4

Technical assistance and construction supervision

This stage consists of the supervision by the architects so that the approved projects are fully respected.

​Em Paralelo​ is responsible for providing technical support and clarify all doubts about the project with the contractor.

However, it is important to emphasize that architects are required to provide technical assistance for the construction when established between both parties.


In almost all cases, the specialized projects are submitted after the architecture project has been approved by the city council, except for the prior communication requests, in which both are submitted in parallel to the City Council.

Specialized projects are mandatory in order to provide sustainability, in particular to the following architectural projects:

  • Stability, excavation and peripheral containment;
  • Power and distribution of electricity;
  • Gas installation;
  • Water supply;
  • Residual water drainage systems;
  • Pluvial water drainage systems;
  • Exterior arrangements;
  • Telephone installations and telecommunications;
  • Study of thermal behavior;
  • Study of acoustic behavior;
  • Fire protection and safety in buildings;
  • Electromechanical installations;
  • Exhaustion of smokes and ventilation projects;
  • Air conditioning mechanical installations.

Supervision management

(Construction sites up to class 5)

The construction site supervision covers a service that provides an on-site verification by the technician. There is a more thorough monitoring to ensure that approved projects meet what is being implemented. ​Em Paralelo​ “bridges” between the client and the constructor to ascertain whether the approved projects are compliant and informs the client of any changes, if that is the case.

The essential role is to execute the supervisory service having as its main responsibilities those referred to in Law No. 40/2015 of 1 June in Article 16 (duties).

Construction Site Management

(Construction sites up to class 5)

Construction site management has a key position in the structure of companies as it is directly linked to production. The construction site manager is responsible for directing the construction in all its administrative, technical and economic aspects, being responsible for complying with all contract clauses, specifications and other parts of the project and the rules and legal provisions in force. It is also responsible for guiding the execution mode of the construction and must ensure its safety and the safety of its workers.

The construction site management can be performed either by the architect or by the engineer duly framed in the services provided by the company in question. The manager’s role is to perform the coordination and verification services of the works carried out on site having as main responsibilities those referred to in Law No. 40/2015, of 1 June in Article 14 (duties).

Topographic and Architectural Surveys

Do you need to confirm or make corrections to your land area?

Do you want to start a project and don't know which is the area of your land?

The topographic and architectural surveys are of paramount importance. Based on this, the conditions under which it will be executed will be determined.

The topographic survey consists of a graphic representation of the planimetry and altimetry of a given terrain. The planimetry applies to the horizontal plane where rivers, roads, buildings,

poles, boxes, among others are represented. The altimetry consists of the vertical plane, being the relief or morphology of the terrain that includes hills, valleys, depressions, plateaus, slopes. The survey is carried out through the HayfordGauss coordinate system, Datum 73,having as reference unit the meter (m), in digital dwg format, later to be edited by the surveyor, architect or engineer.

serviço topografia

Industrial Licensing Project

Do you have a pavillion or an industrial warehouse and want to start a specific activity but don't know what to do?

Do you want to obtain a license to operate a previously approved industrial activity with EAC (Economic Activity Code) and need to start operating?

The industrial licensing project, officially called Sistema da Indústria Responsável (SIR), is a process that aims to prevent the risks and inconveniences that result from the operations of industrial establishments, that takes into account the safeguarding of public health and workers, the safety of people and goods, hygiene and safety in the workplace, the correct spatial planning and the quality of the environment.

This service of the ​Em Paralelo​ Architecture Office is designed for general industry and it can be applied in facilities that will be developed, in the legalization and licensing of existing facilities but also to strengthen the optimization and updating of industrial licensing in accordance with current legislation.

This ​Em Paralelo​ format is an integrated solution of technical services and consulting, that considers all the technical activities that benefit the end result required by the client.

licenciamento industrial

Types of Industrial Licensing:

Type 1 are subject to a prior inspection procedure;

Type 2 are subject to procedure without prior inspection;

Type 3 are obliged to mere prior notification.


Virtual Reality Imagery

Virtual Reality Imagery is yet another service provided by ​Em Paralelo​.

The 3D model is based on three-dimensional images of the project under consideration, allowing the client to visualize their architectural project or design piece in a more realistic and approximate way.

We often resort to this type of service so that the client is more involved in the project and all its particularities, specifically aspects that we cannot always explain in two-dimensional drawings, such as materialities, shapes, light, connection to the exterior, shadows, artificial lighting.

imagem 3d quarto

Furniture Design

Are you looking for a customized piece that isn’t available anywhere?

Do you have a free space or wall and can’t find a solution for a piece of furniture?

The Office takes up this service because it believes that in many cases, architecture and furniture design complement each other in many ways.

With this service, ​Em Paralelo​ wishes to fulfil their​ ​client’s needs.

With this type of service it is possible to customize all the particulars of the project, whether in the project itself or simple pieces of furniture.

Em Paralelo​ considers that each piece that has been designed and built always has a meaning, a form and a function that respond to the needs of each person. That is why each piece designed by the Office will always start from a specific design taking into account its materials, its accessories and all its necessary components until the completion of the piece.

Architectural Consulting

Have you decided to start building or expanding your home?

Do you feel the need to change the places in which you live or work?

Do you need technical support to validate the legal issues regarding a construction in a building plot?

Do you need technical assistance according to your needs?

Em Paralelo​ provides the Architecture Consulting service by guiding you according to your needs and realities, giving a faster, more technical and more accurate opinion.
Sometimes, at an early stage and before moving on to a more specific project, it is important to implement this type of service that helps clarify and anticipate potential procedural complications and future impracticalities along a particular way.

Here are some examples of consulting that the Office provides:

  • Visits to the intervention site
  • City Council Technical Meetings
  • Constructive feasibility studies
  • Legal framework
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